Amazonian - OUT OF STOCK



You'll be feelin Amazonian in this 2 piece featuring a wrap top and sequin stretch thong. Booty sparklin. Available in all sizes xs through xl. If you are top or bottom heavy, please email after you have placed your order so we can swap out the right sizes for you.

Refer to size guide

Size Guide





<option value="Slim Petite">Slim Petite XS/S (Height: Under 5'4,)</option>
<option value="=Petite">Petite S/M (Height: under 5'4")</option>
<option value="Petite Thick">Petite Thick M/L (Height: Under 5'4)</option>
<option value="Petite Extra Thick ">Petite Thick L/XL(Height: Under 5'4)</option>
<option value="Slim Regular">Regular XS/S (Height: 5'5-5'9)</option>
<option value="Regular">Regular S/M (Height: 5'5-5'9)</option>
<option value="Thick">Thick M/L (Height: 5'5-5'9,)</option>
<option value="Extra Thick Regular ">Extra Thick L/XL(Height: 5'5"-5'9")</option>